Heptaret Capital Management, LLC, based in New York City, is a multinational American firm that offers portfolio management, global investment strategies, tax advisory, and financial training.


Portfolio Management

Heptaret excels in comprehensive portfolio management, encompassing a diverse range of assets across multiple classes, including equities, fixed income, commodities, and alternative investments. As an independent portfolio manager, we follow the industry-standard 2-20 formula, catering to individual and corporate clients globally. With a proven track record of success, our expert team tailors portfolios to meet specific financial objectives, diligently managing risk and capitalizing on market opportunities. Whether navigating traditional markets or exploring alternative investments, Heptaret's portfolio management services are designed to deliver optimum returns while safeguarding our clients' wealth.

Risk Management

Empowering traders, manufacturers, and businesses involved in commodity trading and utilization, Heptaret offers unparalleled risk management solutions. Leveraging deep industry insights, particularly in industrial metals such as copper, aluminum, and silver, as well as agricultural commodities like cotton, soybean, and wheat, we execute robust hedging strategies on futures markets. Our approach helps clients secure optimal prices, protect against market volatility, and ensure stability in their operations.

Advisory Services

Heptaret provides comprehensive three-pronged advisory services. Firstly, we offer global tax compliance through an extensive partner network, ensuring tax efficiency in navigating international tax landscapes. Secondly, our seasoned investment advisory team guides clients towards optimal asset and wealth growth strategies, leveraging profound market knowledge and data-driven insights. Lastly, we conduct specialized financial training programs, enhancing the expertise of organizational finance teams, to thrive in a dynamic financial landscape. Our expert teams hold qualifications from prestigious institutions like Harvard and Oxford Universities and bring a wealth of experience from leading financial institutions.




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